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Veterans Cleaning Solutions uses state-of-the-art Bane-Clene® and External Extraction® carpet cleaning equipment which gives us the power to deep clean the carpet from the top fiber all the way down to the floor backing. Because of this method we are able to remove most stains and dry the carpet faster than any other process. Veterans truly offers the “Best in Class” cleaning service in the Wiregrass area!


The patented Bane-Clene® system heats our cleaning solution to just the right, safe temperature to prevent harm to carpet fibers. Gentle, effective cleaning agents and pre-softened water vapor loosens soil which is then immediately extracted to ensure sparkling clean, residue-free carpets. We use specially formulated spot removal solutions and techniques for those difficult stains such as blood, rust, and red food dye.


A whisper of vapor and a rush of air is all you hear inside your home or business. Bulky equipment remains in our truck to protect your walls and furnishings from damage. We don’t use your water or sewage facilities and will never pump dirty water onto your lawn or driveway. Since we remove 95 percent of the water during cleaning, your carpets will be dry in just one to two hours!


The Bane-Clene® system is safe for all types of carpets, plus allergy sufferers will breathe easier thanks to our system of externally extracting air from the work area.



Veterans Cleaning Solutions is the only Wiregrass cleaning service able to provide restorative cleaning on Area Rugs in our own shop. Because of this process, we are able to thoroughly clean and sanitize all manner of fiber material including silk, nylon, wool, cotton, and olefin by submersing the rug in a custom bath created for each rug. Each rug is color tested before the process begins to insure that no “bleeding” of the colors occur. Upon pick up or delivery, they are wrapped in paper to maintain the cleanliness until the area rug reaches its destination. Depending on the style, material, and the extent of the damage we can repair almost torn or split Area Rugs by our IICRC Certified Repair Technician.


At Veterans Cleaning Solutions our crews are school trained and certified with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).


We are committed to using the environmentally safe cleaning products, tools, and proven industry methods for basic and restorative cleaning.


Veterans Cleaning Solutions can assist you in the development of a preventative maintenance program to maximize the life cycle of your carpet and upholstery.

Protect and restore your home or office area rugs with the most thorough cleaning method in the Wiregrass.

Carpet & Upholstery

Area Rugs

Our 12-step carpet cleaning process will thoroughly refresh and renew your carpet... GUARANTEED!

  • Pre-Cleaning Inspection
  • Furniture Moving
  • Commercial Pre-vacuum
  • Pre-Spot, Water Soluble
  • Pre-Condition
  • Pre-Groom/Agitation
  • Soil Extraction & Rinse
  • Post Spot Treatment, Non-Water Soluble
  • Apply Post Cleaning Treatment
  • Post Grooming
  • Speed Dry
  • Post Cleaning Inspection


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Area Rugs often contain years of collected dirt and soil, enough to nearly fill a five gallon freezer bag (as seen here in this example from an area rug cleaned by us in 2015)

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