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Stone, tile and grout cleaning in Enterpise

Interior stone and wood cleaning team in Enterprise

Wood Restorative Cleaning

Hardwood floors make your house look sophisticated and modern, but not when they have lost their shine and gloss. Most hardwood flooring manufactures never recommend the use of store bought cleaning products that make your floors shine. In reality this type of product puts a layer of wax-like substance that yellows within a few weeks, casting an opaque dullness to your floor.  

Veterans Cleaning Solutions can return your Wood floors to nearly brand new condition with our sandless refinishing methods. We remove the built up layers of product, imbedded debris, pollen, and dust; cleaning down to the original wood surface. We then coat the flooring with a new finish for a long-lasting shine. 

At the completion of any mission our technicians always provide our clientele with cleaning recommendations of how to maintain the floors natural beauty and healthy condition for years to come.

We do Restorative Cleaning on all kinds of woods to include:

• All Natural Hardwoods 
• Bamboo
• Laminate 
• Engineered 
• Cork
• Rubberized

Stone, Masonry, Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) and Tile & Grout

Is your tile and grout looking darker, turning a dark brown or even black? Has your tile lost its shine and become dismal from all the dulling chemicals and hard water you use to clean it?

Tile and Stone floors need special care and maintenance that Veterans Cleaning Solutions can provide for you. Our highly trained technicians certified by the IICRC, will assess the correct combination of cleaning products to restore your floors to within a fraction of their original luster. This unique system of world-class innovative technologies specifically designed for superior protection, care and cleaning of grout, natural stone, ceramic tile, and other masonry surfaces.

Veterans Cleaning Solutions provides our Tile and Grout clientele with additional protection by applying two coats of grout sealer instead of the standard single coat. This helps to maintain its cleanliness for longer periods of time.
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