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Veterans Cleaning Solutions is proud to be the Wiregrass and Alabama's first and only "SoftWash Systems Authorized Professionals" company. 
We use the same SoftWash Systems technology and 100% biodegradable cleaning solutions that have safely cleaned over 100,000 roofs nationwide!

Dedicated cleaning service in Enterprise
Safe and Professional Roof and Exterior Structure Cleaning is another one of our specialties. Using the industries proven best cleaning technique we’re able to remove and inhibit the regrowth of all forms of bacteria, algae, mold, mildew, and lichen from any exterior service.

For your Comfort and security, every member of Veterans Cleaning Solutions has been vetted thru, a third party verification partner that conducts annual reviews of: criminal and DMV background checks, business license and insurance to include workers compensation insurance.

Roof Cleaning

Is your roof a tad dingy from all the airborne dirt, dust, and pollen or maybe you have started seeing a buildup of algae, mold, mildew and lichen? Have black streaks and patches on your roof (that take over if untreated) started to form? That is not dirt or the result of aging, but an organism know as Cyanobacteria which consumes the material, thus shortening the life span of the asphalt shingle by as much as 30%.

If you believe you require a new roof, but have no telltale leakage, then chances are all you really require is a thorough Roof Cleaning. We here at Veterans Cleaning Solutions utilize a SoftWash Systems process which gently treats your surfaces with a cleaning solution specifically designed to clean the area, kill the organisms, and inhibit their return.

We avoid walking on your roof in most cases. The majority of our cleaning is done from the ground or gutter line of your home or office building through the use of a telescopic carbon fiber pole with special attachments. No damage is done with this process, unlike pressure washing which destroys shingles and any type of coating on metal roofs.

Every Roof SoftWash cleaning comes with a 5 year Spot-free limited warranty. 

Exterior Building, Fencing, and Retaining Wall Surfaces 

Pressure is rarely the correct answer to cleaning any exterior surface properly. In the southern states, most of the discoloration and buildup on the exterior surfaces of your home comes from organisms such as bacteria, algae, mold, mildew, and lichen. Using a pressure washer to rid your exterior surfaces of these organisms would be like using a flamethrower to light the charcoal in your grill – the end result would cause more destruction to your valuable property.

At Veterans Cleaning Solutions our school trained and certified technicians use an exclusive SoftWash System process which gently treats your surfaces with a cleaning solution specifically designed to clean the area, kill the organisms, and inhibit their return. Using this method no damage is done to your home and we take extra measures to prevent damage to the surrounding vegetation.

Every Exterior Building Surface SoftWash cleaning comes with a 2 year Spot-free limited warranty.  

Exterior Hard Surface Cleaning

Are your driveways and sidewalks looking a bit darker or mostly discolored lessoning that desired neighborhood curb appeal? Is the dinginess of your pool decks, tennis courts, concrete patios, and walkway’s distracting from the beauty of your home, recreational area, or business? Then there is probably mold, mildew, and algae growing, as well as an organism know as Cyanobacteria, which causes those black streaks or spots to form on your concrete. Our SoftWash process gets rid of all these organisms and inhibits them from coming back.

In the rare event that it is needed on heavily stained concrete and other hard surfaces we also offer damage-free power washing.

Every Hard Surface SoftWash cleaning comes with a 1 year Spot-free limited warranty.

Our SoftWash process is ideal for:

• Roof and Exteriors
• Screen Enclosures
• Decks and Pool Areas
• Windows
• Stained Glass
• Solar Panels
• Awnings
• Fences
• Banners
• Signs

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